If you’re after a more individualised approach, Lisa’s 1:1 coaching may be the perfect solution for you.

Whether it’s leading up to a special event or looking to achieve a new level of confidence and success, a coaching session with Lisa will deliver the skills you need in a personalised, private setting.


Coaching is focused on unlocking an individual’s potential to maximise their performance. In Lisa’s coaching sessions, you’ll receive customised coaching, designed specifically for you. Lisa will take into account your personal and professional goals when designing a session and will work at a pace that is right for you. Discreet, personalised and targeted – Lisa’s coaching sessions are ideal for those who want to power boost their communication skillset as they approach public speaking events, important meetings and more.

how coaching could assist you

How Coaching could assist you

Are you preparing for a pitch, special event or an important meeting and want to equip yourself with the skills to succeed?

Perhaps you’re addressing the company and want to polish your skills and feel more confident during these moments?

1:1 coaching provides tailor-made solutions, designed with your strengths and areas of development in mind.  The result is accelerated personal and professional growth. Tap into your full potential in a relaxed and supportive setting with an experienced professional who understands how to bring out your best.



Prepare for an upcoming event or important meeting, with personalised practical advice designed to give you the edge.  Lisa will build on the foundations you already have while strengthening the areas necessary to give you new confidence. Make preparation for high-stakes events or meetings more interactive and productive with Lisa on side.  


Whether you are sitting at a table or speaking on your feet, the way you present yourself leaves a lasting impression. Lisa can assist you to improve these skills in a short timeframe. Deliver more dynamic, engaging and informative presentations that move people to action. Learn how to manage your nerves and interact with others with greater ease. Seasoned presenter or novice; Lisa will take you to the next level of presentation excellence.  


Looking for a confidential session to explore new content? Seeking to equip yourself with increased capability in a stimulating and supportive environment?  Lisa is the perfect fit. Working alongside influential leaders and politicians in the past, Lisa is diplomatic and professional, every step of the way.

Ren Miller
    Ren Miller

    Group Tax Manager - Austal

    I attended a 2-day presentation skills workshop led by Lisa, and follow-up personal coaching sessions targeting conflict management and negotiations. Lisa consolidates years of research and experience into useful, bite-sized nuggets. Importantly, her sessions are intelligent, intense and thought-provoking. She takes you out of your comfort zone, challenges you and stretches your mindset. In return for your efforts, you gain practical tools that you can whip out instinctively because you've rehearsed them already with Lisa. You learn valuable skills like how to rise up in uncomfortable situations; how to choose the right language to resolve conflict. I highly recommended Lisa for anyone desiring and ready for growth in this area.